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Completely autonomous in its production, HiTec achieve its design within its own ofice, from the manufacturing of itsparts to the assemibly. Automation, installation,commissioning. the training of your staf as well as after-sales service worldwide.
we believe innovation is the key toachieve best-in-class products for thecustomers. In the R&D and Design center.engineers. developers and builders arealways in search of the better solutions tolead the way for the industry.
HiTec people are committed to societyand environment. take responsible usethroughout the organization of the natural resources that we have, without waste orunnecessary expenses.Apply as far aspossible the rules of the " 3Rs ": Reduce.Recycle and Reuse.
We believe that the future of HiTec istightly connected to its people and itsvalues.In addition to the standard excellence. all the company's employeesfeel that they are a part of group. Sharingthe same goals within a global vision ofcompany objectives,each of them with astrong feeling of contributing to theoverall work.

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