Shandong Ronner Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.


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Shandong Rona Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in Shandong, China. It is a comprehensive company that relies on colleges and universities as a background and cooperates with well-known domestic biochemical companies to engage in biochemical pharmaceutical equipment, research and development, production and sales.
We are professional in vegetable oil extraction
We are a professional supplier of biopharmaceutical equipment
We are a professional supplier of chemical machinery and equipment
Our goal is to provide best products and excellent service to our customers all over the world.
The company's products include short-range (molecular) distillation, thin-film evaporator, distillation tower, falling film evaporator, single-effect evaporator, rotary evaporator, reaction kettle, synthesizer, constant temperature tank, filtration equipment, constant temperature box, stirrer, vacuum Equipment, extraction equipment, preparative chromatography, crystallization equipment, glass equipment and stainless steel equipment customization, etc., provide various laboratory and industrial-grade equipment and process services such as synthesis, extraction, separation, purification, etc.

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