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RTF Pipe Products Co., Ltd, founded in 2014, is specialized is engaged in plastic products of scientific research, development and production of high-tech enterprises, the company since its inception, always adhere to the green, environmental protection, energy saving, convenient as the concept of product innovation and research and development.
The company produces products in strict accordance with relevant standards: PE water supply pipe, PE gas pipe, HDPE double-wall bellows, MPP power pipe, PERTII thermal pipe and other national standard pipes, pipe fittings series, can also be customized American standard, European standard, Australian standard and other products; Building community, municipal pipe network plastic inspection well series; Rainwater collection and utilization series of sponge city. Intelligent sewage treatment and purification series; A2O rural sewage treatment facilities, double urn funnel type, integrated three formats septic tank, pedal-type flushing bucket, sewage truck and other products; It has the comprehensive ability and strength to provide systematic solutions for urban and rural decentralized sewage treatment, sponge city and municipal underground pipe corridor construction.