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Gentlemen Our Partners
Multi Lights Group is a well reliable supplying company in Egypt and a top supplier of this products & We are a very reliable supplier ready for a long term business with your company .
we have now raw salt product for export to all the world and in very large quantities .
Raw salt is used in many activities, Of which Melting snow from roads, leather tanning , pharmaceuticals and some chemical products .
The company now exports salt to all the countries of the world especially Eastern Europe, Russia and Canada, and our production of raw salt is estimated at one million tons yearly .
Hope to cooperate with you in this business .
Attachment Product analysis certificate & Some images of the salt production site .
Analysis Method Results % Element
2.23 Moisture
98.65 Purity ( as Sodium chloride )
0.44 Water Insoluble Matter
0.63 SO4
ASTM E534-03 0.17 Ca ++
0.07 Mg ++
0.58 Caso4
0.28 Mgso4
0.05 Mgcl2
AAS 0.01 Cu
0.01 K

Kindly get back to us once you read from us so we can proceed .
Multi Lights Group

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