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DM GLOBAL TRADERS Ltd(PTY). (Hereafter called Dragons Machine) is an international high-tech enterprise, a council member of South African Pet Industry Association , awarded by The National Quality Service Credit AAA Enterprise, which is majored in manufacturers of food extruder machine and pet food machine.
Incorporated 2004, DM GLOBAL TRADERS Ltd (PTY). has one wholly owned manufacturing factory in Jinan City, and registers DRAGONS MACHINE as brand. We passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in August 2016, and all the machines have EU CE Certification.

DM GLOBAL MACHINE owns a number of core patented technologies, and specialize in providing the following machines:

1. Food Extruder Machine:

Puff Snacks Extruding Line
Core Filling Food Extruding Line
Corn Flakes Extruding Line
Nutrition Powder Extruding Line
Soya Protein Extruding Line
Macaroni Extruding Line
Artificial Rice Extruding Line
Instant Noodle Processing Line

2. Pet Food Machine

Pet Food Extruding Line
Pet Treats Extruding Line
Pet Biscuits Processing Line
Chicken Roll Slicing Machine
Dog Snacks Moulding Machine
Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine
Meat Strip Processing Line
Chicken Nuggets Forming Machine

3. Cereal Bar Machine

Cereal Bar Forming Machine
Muesli Bar Cutting Machine
Oatmeal Chocolate Forming Machine
Chocolate Coating Machine
Pop Rice Machine
Puffed Rice Machine
Sugar Melting Pot
Mixing Machine

With more than ten years development, DM Machine has set up mature sales networks, and sold machines to more than 50 countries around the world, includes USA, Canada, Germany,Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Malaysia, Korea,Saudi Arab, etc.
DM Machine is aim to lead the technological revolution for food machine, and become the most respected intelligent machinery and service provider. Welcome your visit us for DM Machine.