Zhongshan Sanzang Electric Technology Co., Ltd


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Zhongshan Sanzang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012,and it is a company that has integrated research,manufacture and sales, and gained the qualification of National high-tech enterprise. At present, our enterprise has more than 100 employees,and the headquarter is in Zhongshan city. In Shenzhen Science and Technology Park and Beijing High-tech Zone,our enterprise has set up cooperation relationship with the semiconductor OEM enterprise such as the Grand Force Semiconductor(GSMC), Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corpration(SMIC) and Wuxi Altek etc.,and our company has the capability in designing integrated circuit of more than 14NM ,and our IC design department has performed all design works, encription chip SOC is applied in our printer, our IP module designed by ourselves has realized ECC ,ESA, AES and hardware accerration core of state secret algorithm.Our main product is compatible printer chips for the brand of Samsung,Dale,Epson,HP, and Xerox etc.,we also produce the other composible chips for severial Samsung series and other brands.At present,our chip market share has occupied over 30% of the chip market, and our monthly production capacity is 4-5million pieces.
In recent years, our company has realized deversifield devolopment, set up Beijin research and development department, and pushed motion camera of Seabird brand, and we have obsorbed high-end talents from the company of Intel,Nokia,and LeTV etc. We have researched and devolopped for more than 2 years and got the IP previlege from Huawei Hsi semiconductor chip,and based on latest video type SOC chips,we have also devolopped 4k,8k solution for both audio and video.