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Specialized in foundry technologies and solutions for worldwide manufacturers of pump, valve, electric motor, compressors, etc. We supply various castings and mechanical parts for various industries.

Zen Young's foundries implement investment casting,sand casting,and lost foam casting processing.

The investment casting foundry covers an area of around 30000m2 with 110 employees. Following the standardized production of ISO 9001:2015,we can handel material in stainless steel, bronze, aluminium,carbon steel, low alloy steel, non ferrous alloys,like 304,316 Stainless steel, CD4MCu,CA6NM,SS420,etc.
Our products serve the industries like OEM Pump Volute, automobile, food, chemical, pharmacy, airplane and aerospace and so on.
The sand casting foundry occupis over 130.000 m2, facilitated with a resin-sand processing line, a disa line and a 5 tons electric furnace, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC boring machines, CNC machining centers, heavy- duty lathes, vertical lathes, vertical drilling machines, etc.The foundry is able to cast parts weight from 0.1kgs up to 10,000kgs, to machine size up to 1600mm( rotating diameter). Annual output exceeds 10000 tons including all kinds of material like grey iron GG15, GG20, GG25, GG30, ductile iron GGG400-18, GGG500-7, GGG600-3, and GGG700-2, high-Chrome cast iron KmTBCr26, high-nickle casting iron D-5S, and also Austempered Nodular Iron. We can also supply wear-resistant alloy, like high manganese cast steel, for oil,mining and metallurgy industries. These high quality alloy parts provide our customers with longer wear life and improved efficiency.

With strict quality control system, and top chemical and metallurgical laboratory facilities, like spectrometer, ultrasonic detector, universal material tester, metallographic analyzer and CMM, we can ensure the exact material quality and standard as well as mechanical properties.

Our aim is to realize further studies of modernization and to be a "brand" in the international marke