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Tianjin Zhonglan Pump Co., Ltd. is located in No.15 ZhongXing Road Economic Development Zone ,Jinnan district, Tianjin, which is between Tianjin urban area and BinHai New District.We have very convenient and advantageous geographical condition with a lot of highways around us,and less than an hour’s driving from Beijin,Tianjin,Tangshan and Tianjin port.
We mainly R & D production of submersible axial-flow pump, submersible mixed-flow pump, submersible pump for mine, submersible pump for common well, submersible sewage pump,super submersible pump for deep well, high temperature geothermal submersible pump, Non-blocking rotary shell pump, High-flow self-priming pump, etc. (the above pumps are available in stainless steel 304-316L and other materials), we have stocks for some pumps, such as: commonly used well pump series, with a large number of stocks supplied throughout the year,greatly shorten the stainless steel product supply cycle long disadvantages, greatly convenient for users. Mr. Zhang shaolin, chairman of the company, is a technical person with a strong sense of innovation and is well known as a madman of innovation and reform. Under his guidance, the R & D department has a strong team, experts gathered, new products are constantly launched, so the above products do not represent all the products of the company(only present a certain stage). if you have new product requirements, or our products have shortcomings, pls inform us, we will improve the existing products in the shortest possible time, or to develop new products to your satisfaction, welcome to your comments and suggestions.