Teyi Gabion Baskets Factory


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We have been engaged in producing metal mesh gabions of various shapes and specifications. Gabions are highly permeable, used with geotextiles to form a self draining units, may be used in the field of water supply, treatment and irrigation. Mesh gabions can be filled with stones against flood, for reservoir closure, hillside protection and other applications.

Our Advantages and Capabilities:
Teyi is a gabions products company specializing in gabions of all finishes, gabion wire, hexagonal gabion mesh, geotextiles and machines. We are a leading supplier and exporter of the soil erosion resistant wire gabion works in China. Our company has been in this industry for more than twenty years and has accumulated rich expereinces in production of gabions and gabions wire mesh. Hexagonal woven steel mesh is the chief wire materials for gabion baskets, mattresses and rock-fall mesh netting.

Our company is a well established leading firm in the field of mesh gabions and related wire products. We supply constructive companies / contractors / distributors of many countries for bank building and rock netting project.