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  •   中国 135 61118877


Swiss Medical is a famous brand under LEPING MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (SHIELDER MEDICAL) as the leading gloves manufacture in the world covering a variety of industrial OEM needs. We onwed 3 large production base in Mainland China and supplying full range kinds of gloves to the worldwide.Our Nitrile gloves was extremely accepted and needed by the field of Hospital, Industry and food.

We are coming with a great capacity of production per days that ensure to meet the big demand glove orders from many countries. The production is done in promised high-quality and our customers can get a very well after sales service, Because Swiss medical has it’s own industry chain such as production, inspection, package, Logistic and exportation.

The manufacturing plant consists of the latest technological machinery that manufactures the gloves in the highest quality with a faster frequency that helps us meet the global demand we have on us from various industries. The plant employs a vast fleet of enthusiastic people who are motivated in working to meet the goals that make them grow along with the company.