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Shijiazhuang Manyou Medical Device Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 with a registered capital of 51 million yuan and now has 300 million yuan in fixed assets. It is a professional medical device manufacturer. The company currently has more than 200 employees, has a research and development institution, and has complete independence. Design and development capabilities. The factory site is located in Zhifangtou Village, Dahe Town, Luquan District. It covers an area of 400 acres and has a construction area of 150,000 square meters. The main products are medical beds, medical carts, first aid equipment and operating room appliances. The products are sold all over the country. The growth rate of 20% is exported to all parts of the world and exported to America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The company has set up a high-standard production workshop, equipped with the country's leading modern flexible medical device production line, and successively introduced the Italian Savanini P4 metal sheet flexible multilateral bending system; Germany's Trumpf TruLaser Tube7000 tube cutting machine, TruLaser8000 laser cutting machine, TruPunch5000 Punching center, TruMatic7000 compound center, TruLaser5040 fiber laser, TruRobot5020 laser cladding, TruBend Cell5000 bending unit; Japan NIGATA horizontal machining center HN1600, HN100D-FC, HN80D, HN80DFC; Japan Kobelco automatic welding system, Panasonic welding robot ; Switzerland's "GEMA" automatic spraying line and a large number of international top production equipment nearly 700 sets.

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Japan Kobelco's 21-axis welding system can weld heavy structural parts weighing up to 8 tons and up to 20 meters in length. The Panasonic linked robot can complete six-sided welding in one clamping, in one step. The company develops more than 10 new products every year, and the products cover multiple series such as ward care, emergency and critical illness tran