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SHENBO glass, which established since 1995, possesses diverse experience in glass fabrication industry. We provide ONE-STOP-SOLUTION in facade industry with services and products included architectural glass, customized DGU and other glass products.
Our business department is located in Hong Kong, and the headquarter and factory are in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, PRC. Our next production base in undergoing in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. For the overseas strategies, we also focus on the facade design area in order to provide a real one-stop solution.
CONCEPT We strive for excellence in quality, services and professional staffs in this industry over several decades. To strengthen our global marketing position and competence, we put a plenty of effort on staff training, focus on their knowledge and skills improvement.
COMMITMENT We committed to meet the needs of the customers, providing the customers with the highest quality architectural glass products unparalleled to the industry. We keep our plant safety and environmental protection a top priority, and we look forward to becoming the supplier of your projects.
STRATEGIC PARTNERS Saint-Gobain Glass, the strategic partner of SHENBO, and the market leader in architectural glass industry in the world. Give the greatest support to SHENBO, in providing the superior quality glass materials.
Saint-Gobain Glass One of the world’s leading flat glass manufacturers, forms part of the Innovative Materials Sector of Saint-Gobain, the company owns 30 float lines world wide (including 13 joint ventures) and 13 coating facilities which can produce different glass types: clear float, body-tints, low-E glass, patterned glass, laminated glass, silvered glass and so on.