Shanghai Higo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.




Shanghai Higo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company committed to the design and manufacture of advanced electrical connectors, and provides solutions for connector and cable and electromechanical products. 
The company's products range, is widely used in mechanical and electrical equipment, transportation, energy exploration and production, aerospace, medical, nuclear technology, military and other professional applications; We can not only supply high-quality products comply with relevant standards, but also can provide customized service products of high quality and fast; all products are through relevant application certification, meet the requirements of environmental protection. 
The process of Higo is the process of serving customers and being successful with their customers! We are diligently and diligently doing everything, and we are full of confidence to meet every challenge. 
Higo can supply signal connector, motor connector and battery connector, etc. Our product's reliability is guaranteed and it can give you a good use experience.