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Taking "providing excellent packaging materials for the world's best products" as its duty, HySum has been escorting the drug safety in more than 30 countries all over the world. Besides, HySum will seek presence in sectors of new energy and new consumption, etc., and develop new materials like high-barrier, high-deep drawability, corrosion-resistant, climate change-resistant and easy-to-peel materials, thereby addressing consumers' pursuit of quality life in a more favorable fashion.
Furthermore, HySum integrates technological innovation with environmental protection & low carbon footprint to develop recyclable high-barrier eco-friendly package, thereby protecting the soil and ecological environment.
HySum moved into the food industry in 2018. Since then, its food packaging materials compliant with medical standards have quickly gained industry recognition, and HySum has established cooperative relations with Mengniu, Mondelez and other big businesses to safeguard Chinese food safety.
To achieve sustainable development, HySum used technology patents to create new growth points and established the Division of Medical Devices & New Energy. In a pioneering and enterprising spirit, it has grown swiftly into an emerging power in the industry.