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He Bei Hong An Automobile&Motorcycle Fittings Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1999.He Bei Hong An Automobile & Motorcycle Fittings CO. LTD. is located in Qinghe auto parts industry , hebei province and QingYin highway (G20) cross the county .There are many highways reaching all directions, like 308 national highway, DeGao highway (G0321), DaGuang highway (G45) and Xinglin expressway (G2516) . QingHe is less than 400 kilometers away from Beijing, more than 100 kilometers away from ShiJia Zhuang and JiNan Airport, and only 300 kilometers away from TianJin Port.In 2019, QingHe Railway station of BeiJing-HongKong-TaiWan High-Speed Railway was officially launched by government , and the construction of QingHe Airport is being planned by government ,Whenever now and future ,no matter which location of QingHe or Transportation are both convenient.
 In the mid-1980s, Mr. Ma Hongwei, the founder of Hongan Company,started from the production of automobile cable.Until 1990s, he began to produce rubber products such as molded parts, sealing strips and rubber Hoses, and officially established Hongan Company in 1999.At the beginning of the 21st century, products began to be sold to the US market, opening the door to the international market. The company's products positioning is rubber and plastic auto parts. Based on industrial advantages, geographical advantages and technological advantages. Hongan focuses on building three major markets : the mid-end OE quality market, the domestic wholesale market, and the international auto parts market.
 Relying on the Qinghe auto parts industry cluster, Hongan Company seized the opportunity and constantly improved itself. HongAn has won the honorary titles such as “Excellent Model Unit of Quality and Credit Service of Hebei Province”, “Science and Technology Enterprise of Hebei Province” and “Famous Trademark Enterprise of HeBei Province”. The company's brand "Pinlide" trademark is a well-known trademark in Hebei Province.
 After 20 years of devel