Gida International مجموعة غذاء العالمية


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Gida International group a food production company established in Istanbul in 2013, starts from natural products exportation company then quickly developed into an industrial group that specialized in natural dried fruits products in its different shapes, fruit sheets, rolls, and cubes, taking advantage of the high quality abundant fruit Crops of Turkey.

Gida International group have worked to be the best partner for its customers, and made its logo (our product natural and healthy) a source of pride for its management and its employees and clients. The dedication to work and honesty are the essential determinants for our development.

Our activity in the field of natural dried fruit products industry involves multi steps control system starts from the selection of fruits and inspection then contract with crop producers passing through the successive stages of a preview of raw materials and testing it before passing to the production process, to ensure you will get the best quality and a healthy stable product, to be ready for the packing stage before moving the product to its final form to the market to be available for our dear customers .

Our vision:

Based on the qualified scientific staff and expertise in the various food and technological fields and the use of modern management methods in planning, organization, research and innovation to create new products to reach each market and to be accessible to the largest community of those who seeks the natural healthy and tasty products in a reasonable price.

Our Mission:

Providing a healthy product and natural food to be available to every family and each one and to provide the community with a valuable nutritional health caring product made only from nature.