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Since Cohwa beginning in a few residential household in 1990 years crafted-hand paint roller. In 2013 years, our built 6000 square meter facility in economic development zone in DanYang City, now Cohwa is one of our nation larger paint rollers and paint brushes suppliers, also experience on exporting paint roller as well as a manufacturer of paint brush, paint tray and other painting tools to all over the world.
Cohwa supply a range of paint rollers suitable both DIY'ers and professional painter. There are also mini rollers and radiator rollers available. Paint rollers are supplied either in sets or together with sleeves, roller cages and paint trays, there are a multitude of sizes available, from 4″to 15" wide, and a selection of materials to choose from including high density foam, polyester, acrylic, microfiber and simulated sheepskin in a variety of pile types. All our rollers can be used with extension poles which we also supply, ranging from one to four meters in length, these are adjustable. Don't forget some dust sheets too to make sure those spatters and drips are nothing to worry about, available in heavy duty cotton or plastic.
Most of our paint brushes are filled with 100% natural China bristle, also we have a range of Synthetic filled brushes to satisfied different market in the world. Our brushes are suitable for all types of decorating, from the professional brushes through to the cost cutting disposable brushes.