XS particles U-shaped pillow 671402 MIEVIC

U-shaped pillow Description
Take a nap when you are tired of work and have a good afternoon nap
Fit neck and shoulder seams for comfort and support
Commodity Pillow Information
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Trade name: Particle U-shaped
Product color: Pink, grey, dark blue, green
Quality inspection: Qualified
Commodity material: Polyester foam particles
MIEVIC adopts the Nordic design concept .It has been popular with people due to its fine and fresh store design and customer friendly atmosphere.

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Jilin Province Han Wan Spring Trade Co., Ltd


As an international department store brand of fast fashion, MIEVIC adopts the Nordic design concept. Its exquisite and fresh store image creates a customer friendly, fashion, simple, quality and beautiful business atmosphere. Since its establishment in 2014, MIEVIC h ...