Wet Strength Holographic Metallized Paper

Wet Strength Holographic Metallized Paper
Wet Strength holographic Metallized paper for beer and beverage labels is a real worldwide innovation for professional production. With this new development we managed to close the gap between promotion beverage editions, which are excellent to design and have high success in advertisement and sales 

The designs can be customized keeping a balance of authentication needs & aesthetic appeal in mind. Water resistant with good ink retention and wash- off properties. Good performance on high-speed labelling lines with high resistance to bottle friction even under very wet and cold (possible condensation) conditions. The paper was widely used in beer label, cigarette, medicine packing food packing gift wrapping, cosmetic decoration etc. and it has a good performance to printing. Wea are Metallized Paper Supplier.

1) High gloss, strong metallic look, perfect metallization evenness, smoothness of surface and excellent aluminum adhesion.
2) With excellent adhesion ability with ink, the paper remains flat with no rolling of edges.
3) Suitable for offset printing, gravure printing and flexible printing, etc.
4) Excellent properties when use for labels.
5) High water absorbency.
6) High resistance to alkali.
7) Easy to stick or remove from bottles.

Number Property Unit Test Method Value
1 Grammage g/m2 GB/T451.2 61, 68, 85
2 Grammage Deviation g/m2 GB/T451.2 ±3
3 Moisture % GB/T462 5.5±1
4 Wet Strength MD
KN/m GB/T465.2
GB/T465.2 ≥1.0
5 Tensile Strength MD
KN/m GB/T453
GB/T453 ≥3.5
6 Wet Tensile Strength mN/m GB/T14216 ≥38
7 Break Load MD
mN GB/T455.1
GB/T455.1 ≥350
8 Resverse Side COBB (60s) g/m2 GB/T1540 15±5
9 Aluminum Firmness % ≥95
10 Alkali Resistance S ≤90
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