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Product Information 
Adjustable Cap with Elastic at the back.The cap are available in single or double ply.
Applications:Electronic manufactures,restaurant,Food Processing,school,hospital .etc
Easy tie-on provides a comfortable nonbinding fits,complete hair coverage.Light ,high air permeability ,breathable,non-absorbent,durability.

WK-Disposable mob cap are single elastic or double elastic. The size can be 20’,21’,22’ etc. The weight can be 10g/sq.m, 12g/sq.m, 14g/sq.m etc. The popular colors are blue and white.
Code Description
PPHC211 10gsm 21” Single Elastic
PPHC241 10gsm 24” Single Elastic
PPHC212 10gsm 21” Double Elastic
PPHC242 10gsm 24” Double Elastic
PPHC141 14gsm 21” Double Elastic
PPHC144 14gsm 24” Double Elastic

Product Advantage
Disposable Mop Caps are an essential when it comes to promoting hygiene in the kitchen and is used to 
prevent contamination of food during the handling process. These come in white & green and are packed 
in 100’s.
Also commonly referred to as hairnets, disposable mop caps are commonly used in laboratories, factories, 
kitchens,hospitals, food & pharmaceutical manufacturing plants for hygiene protection & prevention against
hair fall in product. 
Some factories use colour mop caps to identify different areas within their work environment & to easily 
identify employees that are not within their designated areas which may cause cross contamination.

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