Viral Transportation Medium (vtm) tube with swab for virus collection

Viral Transport Medium Description:
The main chemical components contained in the medium effectively denature proteins and inactivate a variety of viruses in the sample. In addition, the medium can inhibit the activity of nucleases and protect the integrity of nucleic acids for further PCR detection.
Geneally Viral Transport Medium Features:
It is suitable for collection, transportation, and storage of clinical specimens containing viruses, including covid-19, chlamydia, mycoplasma, or ureaplasma organisms.

Viral Transport Tube Geneally Advantages:
Roomtemperature Stable
after use, the sample can be stored at room temperature for 1 week

Rapid Releaseand Dispersion
Innovative flocking nylon fiber technology provides excellent sample collection and release
Reliable Molded Breakpoint
easy to allow the swab break into the tube

High Efficiency And Safe
enabling large-scale virus testing while protecting health professionals from exposure
Viral Transport Medium Instructions:
Viral Transportation Medium (vtm) tube with swab for virus collection

1. Open the package and take out the swab.

2. After collection, put the swab into the tube with medium.

3. Break the swab at the breakpoint.

4. Screw the tube cover tightly and mark sample information.

Viral Transport Media Order information
Guanidine, Inactivated

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