TZ1600-30 Single-Coating Aluminium Coating Line

TZ1600-30 Single-Coating Aluminium Coating Line
Coating line features:
This is an economic type of coating line apply to most ACP top/bottom coil coating. Product thickness 0.1mm~0.5mm is common used for ACP. This coating line can also produce some gauges of roofing coils. With a rewinding line, this coating line meets basic requirements from raw material to finished product of coating factory. The line requires a minimum 70m×12m×7m workshop dimension, which suits most factories in limited dimension.
Application: For coating top coil and bottom coil of ACP(Aluminium Composite Panel)
Advantage: Economical and easy to use, small dimension workshop needed
1. Main parameters of coating line  
Material parameter
Thickness: 0.1~0.5mm
Width: 1600mm
Outer diameter OD(max): Φ1400mm
Inner diameter: Φ150mm, Φ405mm
Bobbin material: Steel or paper
Inverval-layers deviation tolerence: ≤0.8 mm (Excluding the bottom 5 layers and exterior 2 layers)
Coil over-all deviation tolerence: ≤2 mm (Excluding the bottom 5 layers and exterior 2 layers)
Coating thicknes: Dry film thickness: 8~20 um
Product Weight: Max 4000kg(Excluding bobbin)
CCL Processing Speed: 30 m/min (Speed benchmark: thickness 0.25mm coil exclude PVDF coating)
Heating Energy Source: LNG, LPG
Roller coating Process: Continuous 1 side 1 coating & baking
Properties and features:
Roller width: 1800mm
Coils feeding centering adjustment : ±75mm
Threading speed: 5~15m/min(Adjustable)
Line maximum speed: 30m/min
Line speed accuracy: Steady Speed, ±0.1%;Acceleration, ±0.4%
Uncoiling tension range: 160~700kgf
Processing tension range: 160~700kgf
Coiling tension range: 320~1200kgf
Tension accuracy: Steady Speed, ±1.0%; Acceleration, ±2.0%
Line space dimensions: 55000mm×7.500mm×6000mm
Heating Energy Source: LNG, LPG

2. Basic Production Process
Coil loading → Uncoil machine → Pretreatment (Including Degreasing, Roller brushing device, drying) → Chromizing → Drying → Re-direction → Topside roller-coating → Curing oven → Cooling  → Tension machine → Recoiler → Coil discharging
3. Main devices list
Name Quantity
Coil loading device 1
Sewing table 1
Pretreatment line 1
3M water drying device 1
Chromizing Coater 1
Chromizing drying device 1
Coater 1
Curing Oven 1
Heating system 4
Air cooling devices 1
3-rollers cooling device 1
Tension device 1
Recoil machine 1
Electrical system 1
Rewinding line 1
Coil loading machine 1
Tension device 1
Coil discharging machine 1
*Optional configuration: waste gas treatment and energy recycle system.
4. Water and power consumption of coating line
Total power consumption: 80KW
Compressed air: Min5.5bar,1Nm3/min, actual consumption 0.5Nm3/min
Water: Deionized water, supply quantity is about 4T/h
Heating fuel: LPG or LNG
LPG consumption: 0.2 CBM/min
LNG consumption: 0.5 CBM/min
5. The coating line project design and manufacture leads 90 days, installation and testing leads 60 days. 
6.Trade terms: FOB, CIF are available
7.Payment terms: T/T, D/P, LC are acceptable
8. Packing style: Wooden pallet
9. Transportation: by sea

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