Turnkey Craft Brewery

Turnkey Craft Brewery of 30hl-50hl from ZYBREW is for the whole project management based on exact building or new projects from greenland, with turnkey solution for beer recipe development, project evaluation, design, fabrication and install & Commissioning. The brewery equipment efficiency range from 4 -10 brews based on different preferred configuration.
The design and fabrication are both following what is more suitable for local customers' request, the priority is making sure everything following the fixed plan. Meanwhile we have lower energy consumption and less material cost for the same beer output amount. Compared with brewery system from other countries, we help you find the best balance between investment and income.
Features of Craft Brewery Equipment:
Higher wort wort extract
Lower energy cost and material consumption
Auto temp control for water, steam, wort, beer flow etc.
Well designed steam system to increase heating efficiency and lower energy lost

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Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., LTD/ZYBREW, founded in 2013, which is typically involved in craft brewery industry. James Jia(Jia Jidong) Funder of ZYBREW, has been involved in micro brewery industry for more than 10 years. In 2013, he founded ZYBREW as the GM, with a sm ...