Tilmicosin Oral Solution 25% in Sheep

Tilmicosin Oral Solution 25% in Sheep
Timicostar... . 250mg
Advertising solvent.............................. . 1ml

JOYCOME Tilmicosin is a broad-spectrum semi-synthetic bactericidal macrolide antibiotic synthesized by tylosin. It has an antibacterial spectrum and is mainly effective against mycoplasma, Pasteuria and Heamopilus SPP. And a variety of Gram-positive organisms, such as Corynebacterium. It is believed to influence bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the 50S ribosomal subunit. Cross-resistance between timicoxacin and macrolides was observed. After oral administration, timicoxacin is excreted mainly through bile into the faeces, with a small portion being excreted through urine.

Used to treat respiratory infections associated with timicoxin-sensitive microorganisms such as mycoplasma. Pasteurella polyoxeroides, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, actinomyces pyogenes, and Haemolytic Mannheim in calves, chickens, turkeys, and pigs.

Dosage and administration:
Calf starters: twice a day, 1 ml per 20 kg body weight, 3-5 days after (artificial) milk.
Poultry: 300 ml of drinking water per 1000 litres (75ppm) for 3 days.
Pigs: 800 ml per 1000 litres of drinking water (200ppm) for 5 days.
Note: Medicated drinking water or (artificial) milk should be prepared fresh every 24 hours. To ensure the correct dosage, adjust the concentration of the product to the actual liquid intake.
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Allergic or resistant to timicoxacin.
Also take other macrolides or lincoamides.
Given to animals or horse or goat species that have active microbial digestion.
Administration of drugs to poultry eggs for human consumption or to animals used for breeding purposes.
During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it should only be used after a risk/benefit assessment by a veterinarian.

Withdrawal period:
Meat: Calf: 42 days.
Broiler: 12 days.
Turkey: 19 days.
Pig: 14 days

Storage: Store at room temperature and away from light.
Avoid contact with children. For veterinary use only

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