Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump
Slurry pump can also be called metal pump, wear-resistant pump, industrial pump, accident slurry pump, ash filling pump and filter pump.The name of slurry pump is different. We can know that slurry pump is widely used in industry, mining and other large industries.
Slurry pump can be widely used in mining, power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries to transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles. For example, transportation of mineral slurry in metallurgical concentrator, hydraulic ash removal in thermal power plant, transportation of coal slurry and dense medium in coal preparation plant, dredging of river channel, river dredging, etc. In the chemical industry, it can also transport some corrosive slurry containing crystal.
First of all, about 80% of the applications in mineral processing plants are used in mineral processing plants in the mining industry. Due to the poor working condition of ore primary separation, the service life of slurry pump in this section is generally low. Of course, different ores have different abrasivity. If the relative abrasiveness of the concentrate conveying section is reduced, the overall service life of the pump will be longer. Therefore, when the general users often ask about the service life of the products of the suppliers in the procurement process, strictly speaking, any manufacturer will not promise an accurate service life cycle for the users without any basis, because the service life of the flow passage parts (wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts) depends on many different factors, The diversity and complexity of working conditions lead to different service life of materials with the same quality.
In thermal power plants, due to the use of a large number of coal-fired power generation, the slag or ash after coal combustion needs to be removed. The slurry pump is used to remove the ash. After mixing a certain amount of water, the slag is transported to the place where the ash is stacked by the slurry pump. Therefore, sometimes the slurry pump also becomes the ash pump in the power plant.
In the coal washing industry, due to different working conditions, large coal lump and coal gangue are easy to block, so the design requirements for slurry pump are very high
In the field of sea water sand selection, slurry pump application has gradually been recognized by customers. But in the sea water, sand in the river, slurry pump is more easily called sand pump, dredge pump. Although the method is different, it can be called slurry pump generally from the aspect of structure characteristics and pump performance principle. Therefore, in this sea water sand selection, we often call sand pump, in the river dredging is used to be called dredge pump. Although the application of slurry pump is wide, it is very important to apply it correctly. Because of the limitation of its name, some people who are not in this industry misunderstand it. In fact, mud pump, impurity pump, dredge pump, silt pump, etc. are all used in the application scope of slurry pump. In the application of slurry pump, it is very important to pay attention to the reasonable design, correct calculation and proper selection.

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