RFID hotel apartment smart safe card front door lock

RFID hotel apartment smart safe card front door lock

The core function

Unified management Platform

Open the record

Control access

Limit unlock time

The alarm on the door wasn't completely off

Control lost cards are invalid

Quick and sensitive unlocking

Physical key for emergency use

Application situation

The hotel


An apartment or apartment.

Economic real estate

Real estate for rent

The dormitory

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When any type of operation is performed on the lock, the flag light is turned on

Hidden physical key opening

Integrated encryption chip manufacturing is less risk - free and more reliable.

The battery shell

The front and back panels are made from SUS304 and are 2.0mm thick.

Double lock switch

If you don't want the waitress to bother you, you can go in safely.

And it opens automatically when the door opens inside.

The ergonomic layout in the treatment is suitable for holding.

Frosted baking paint surface innovation

The PCB is secured inside with a lid.

Dustproof, moisture-proof, stronger

The updated lock body


The lock pin

This style reduces the contact area to reduce friction and ensures that the door does not wobble when closed.

Induction unit screw

If the induction unit screw does not completely exit, indicating that the door is not closed or otherwise completely closed, the alarm indicates caution.

Screw the death

The use of double lock switch action, can prevent the lock clamping method.

Different colors are optional



Rose gold

Drawing the silver


Chrome plated silver

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