Pulsewave Blood Pressure Monitor for Kid

Pulsewave Blood Pressure Monitor for Kid
Product Model: RBP-1200
Product Features:
Unique The unique BPM device exclusively developed for children, clinical tests executed on children aged 3-12 years according to the association for the advancement of medical instrumentation(AAMI) Protocol.
Advanced Global innovated PulseWave technology. Record of accurate real state of blood flow. Over 40 countries invention patent applied
Reliable. Top experts recommended this device for clinical use 2mm Hg high accuracy. Avoid the measurement error caused by human intervention.
Focused. Cartoon appearance attracts children to take the measurements. Reduce children’s resistance, relieve children’s tension.
Free. One button automatic measurement.
Convenient. Support more than 300 times measurements upon full charging. Large storage of 200 sets data.
Dualcuff. Unique DualCuff ensure outstanding. Accurate result
Data transfer. Support USB to transfer data, more convenient for blood pressure management.

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