PPR 90°Elbow ppr pipes and fittings manufacturers

PPR 90°Elbow ppr pipes and fittings manufacturers PPR Over Bend 90°Elbow Manufacturer

Description of Longain PPR 90°Elbow
The elbow is a commonly used connection pipe fitting in plumbing installation, used for the connection of the pipe bend, and used to change the direction of the pipe.
Items ppr 90°Elbow
material PP-R from Korea
size DN20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110
color white,green,gray or customized
connection hot melting
pressure PN12.5 to PN25
Temperature (-40)° c ~ +100°c
Certification TP,CE,IOS9001,ISO14001,SGS,TUV,BV
Serviceable life more than 50 years
Vicat softening temperature 130.5°c
NAME Size×Thickness(mm)
All Kinds of PPR Fittings 20
Advantages of PPR 90°Elbow
1 Light weight
The density is 0.90g/cm3 at 20°C, and the weight is only one-ninth of steel pipes and one-tenth of copper pipes. It is light in weight and greatly reduces the construction strength.
2 Good heat resistance
The instantaneous use temperature is 95°C, and in long-term use, the temperature can reach 75°C. It is the most ideal indoor hot and cold water pipeline.
3 Corrosion resistance
Non-polar materials have no chemical effect on all ions in the water and chemical substances in buildings, and will not rust and corrode.
4 Low thermal conductivity
It has good thermal insulation performance and generally does not require additional thermal insulation materials when used in hot water systems.
5 Pipeline resistance is small
The smooth inner wall of the pipeline makes the resistance along the way smaller than that of the metal pipeline, and the energy consumption is lower.
6 The pipe connection is firm
With good hot-melt performance, the hot-melt connection connects pipes and fittings of the same material into a perfect whole, eliminating the hidden danger of water leakage.
7 Hygienic, non-toxic
There is no pollution to the environment during production, construction and use, and it is a green building material.

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