OEM Injection Mold

OEM Injection Mold
OEM(Original Equipment Manufacture), In order to increase production and sales, reduce the risk of investing in new production lines, and gain market time, we recommend choosing our OEM production services
OEM Injection Mold
Our factory has the ability for potential OEM (the original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (the original design manufacturer) customers with the designing, prototype sampling of the injection mold and injection products, Our OEM and ODM services fall within the fields of cosmetic article, daily consumer goods, computer and mobile electronic component, industrial and civil valves products, and all kinds of start-up products processing and exporting. We also provide CNC machining and exporting services for various metal and plastic parts. Small and high volume production of molds and metal and plastic parts - rapid prototyping injection molds, production molds and export molds.

plastic injection oem Specifications
We can process and design molds with weights from 0.01 kg to 5,000 kg, OEM injection mold products with weights from 0.01 g to 1,000 g, and plastic parts up to a maximum size of 50 inches (127 cm).

Molding cycle time
Mold making includes mold design time and mold production time, which requires different processing time depending on the complexity of the mold, generally 45-60 days can be completed. Injection molding machine processing molding time of injection molding products are instant solidification molding.

Delivery time information, after-sales service
Depending on the complexity of the mold, generally it will take us only 45 to 60 days to complete the mold design and mold production. Our kinds of high-end precision lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, CNC machining center, ensure us within the agreed date of delivery to provide you with fast and reliable service, including special after-sale service projects include:

-Provide lifetime warranty service for your injection mold

-Trouble-free maintenance to injection mold

-Value-added services include product assembly, packaging, laser welding, laser printing and lettering services.

-Provide ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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