Medical device/transmission,150825-01,Flat Cable with 12P Connector&Tape

150825-01: Flat Cable with 12P Connector&Tape
(1) Flat cable: JESS-HFB-12P (UL2651 26AWG * 12C-optional domestic alternative)
(2) Connector: MOLEX-90327-0312 (optional domestic alternative)
(3) Tape: 3M-1558
(4) Length: L = 1114.3mm (43.87 In)
Hospitals have many different makes and models of medical equipment. Each department uses a different type of device and few of the same brands are used throughout the hospital. Due to the large number of devices and the different formats of data exchange (RS-232, HL7, Bluetooth, WiFi), medical device integration software has become a key component to integrate this important patient data.Xiamen New East Asia Electronic Enterprise Co., LTD Can be for you make the model you need.

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