Medical device/transmission: 350772-01,Flat cable with 12P connector, PITCH 2.54mm

The NEAEE 350772-01:Flat cable with 12P connector, PITCH 2.54mm DESCRIPTION
(1) Flat cable: 3M-3801 / 26 (UL2651 26AWG * 26C-optional domestic alternative)
(2) Terminal: MOLEX-50079-8000 (optional domestic alternative)
(3) Connector: MOLEX-90327-0306, MOLEX-90327-0322, MOLEX-51021-0300 (optional domestic alternatives)
(4) Length: L = 1250mm (49.21 In)

How NEAEE ’s medical devices work
Medical device connectivity is the establishment and maintenance of a connection through which data can be transferred between a medical device (e.g., a patient monitor) and an information system. The term is used interchangeably with biomedical device connectivity or biomedical device integration. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, potential benefits include faster and more frequent data updates, reduced human error, and increased workflow efficiency.
Medical devices can be connected on both wireless and wired networks. Wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, wireless medical telemetry services, and Bluetooth, provide broader connectivity coverage, allowing continuous monitoring of patients in transit. Wired networks are fast, stable and highly available. Wired networks are typically more expensive to install initially and require ongoing maintenance costs, but allow organizations to connect in a closed environment.

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