MC Series Dust Free Crushing Module

Mc Series Dust Free Crushing Module Features
1. Crushing head, by Stainless steel.
2. Crushing capacity 300~2500Kg/Hr,With 60 mesh white granulated sugar crushing data.
3. Continuous crushing temperature monitoring, protection for material and bearing.
4. The heat sensitive materials can be equipped with cooling water jacket.
5. According to the material characteristics, use of alloy tools as option.
6. The system can be running in max capacity of continuous stable production.
7. Uniform discharge, with the weighing system, weighing accuracy <0.1%.
8. Bar code scanning module can be configured to control the feeding.
9. The system is fully closed, in minimum volume of air sucking.
MC series dust-free grinding module is designed by Canaan Limited team, according to pharmaceutical and food industry, feed grinding station are easy surround with dust, feeding unevenness. A targeted process module specially to shoot the common hard issues.

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