Liquid pouch packing machine WEIWANG PACK-320L/420L/520L/720L/1050L/1200L

Liquid pouch packing machine WEIWANG PACK-320L/420L/520L/720L/1050L/1200L
Application: Suitable for many kinds of liquid ,such as: milk, oil, shampoo, sauce, jam, juice, cream, paste, etc.

Optional Combined Parts

All kind of vertical packing machine

Paste/liquid filling machine

Finished products conveyor

Weight checker

Metal checker

Rotating table
Full automatic feeding measuring product and form film seal bags.
Full-automatic Dosing-Form-Fill-Seal type, efficient and simple to use.

Stainless steel 304 machine structure.

Easy to install film, auto correcting the excursion of the film.

PLC Computer control system ,machine performance is more stable and convenient for parameters adjusting.
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High accuracy liquid/paste filling system, anti-drip design

Touch screen with multiple language
Optional Device: Date coder, Hole punching device (Pinhole,Round hole, The butterfly hole), Linking bag control device, Airfilling device, Air exhaust device. Tear notch device, Nitrogen inflation device, Gusset bag.

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