Lambda-cyhalothrin is high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, quick-acting pyrethroid insecticides and acaricides, mainly contact and stomach poisoning, no systemic effect.It has a good effect on Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Hemiptera and other pests as well as spider mites, rust mites, gall mites, tarsal mites, etc. It can also be used to control a variety of surface and public health pests.
Classification: Insecticide
Content & Formulation: Lambda-cyhalothrin 95%TC, ,2.5%,5%EC, 2.5%,10%WP
Structure Formula:

Molecular Formula: C23H19ClF3NO3
CAS No.: 91465-08-6
Specifications as follows:
Appearance White loose powder
Content (%)  10.2%
Moisture Content (%) 1.6%
PH 6.4
Wetting time 25s
Fineness (passing 325 mesh sieve) 99%
Suspensibility 87%
Hot storage stability(54 ± 1 °C,14 days) Qualified

Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Content g/L 25.2g/L
PH 5.6
Moisture Content (%) 0.23%
Emulsification stability (diluted 20 times) Qualified
Hot storage stability( 54 ± 1 °C ,14 days) Qualified
Cold storage stability( 0 ± 1 °C ,7 days) Qualified
Package: 100mL/250/mL/500mL/1L/20L/200L/bottle/Drum
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