BF3 PURITY ≥ 99.99 %
11B(Isotopic Enrichment ) ≥99.8 %
N2 < 15ppmv
O2 / Ar < 15ppmv
CO2 < 15 ppmv
SO2 < 15 ppm
HF < 15 ppmv
SiF4 < 15 ppmv
BF3 is a gas that is heavier than air and so accumulates in lowlying regions. Its density increases as the temperature
BF3 is a colorless suffocating gas. 
BF3 does not follow the ideal gas law.
Boron trifluoride is treated as a compressed gas. It will be stored in its original packing
It is recommended, depending on the flow rate and pressure used, to reduce the pressure of the gas in two stages and to
BF3 complexes are typically liquids or solids and therefore may be more easily managed than the high pressure gas.
Breathing of BF3 gas is highly suffocating and irritating to the respiratory system. Prolonged breathing of vapors may result in acute toxic effects.
BF3 is shipped as a high pressure gas (1500-1800 psi) in three grades. 
BF3 is a Lewis acid gas and is extremely hygroscopic in nature.
Purge gases should be exhausted to process or to an adequately sized scrubber. It is preferable to use cylinder inert gas rather than tying in to a plant wide system to prevent cross contamination of the gas streams. 

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