Horizontal side loading S1 Spark Plasma Sintering System

Horizontal side loading S1 Spark Plasma Sintering System
Rapid heating and cooling, greatly shortening production time and reducing production costs (heating rate can reach 100 ~ 200℃ / min).
1.Self-developed high efficiency and energy saving power supply
Adopting self-developed pulse frequency conversion DC power supply, The current output is stable and the power consumption is greatly reduced, energy saving and environmental protection.
2.Precised pressure control system
Servo valve is used to control the pressure output of the hydraulic cylinder, and the control accuracy can reach 1/1000.
Thermocouple and two-color infrared instrument are used to measure the temperature.
3.Advanced automatic control and reliable safety interlock
Adopting computer to realize automatic control of temperature and action process, PLC safety interlock. It has sound and light alarm and interlock function such as over-pressure, over-temperature and high water temperature.
S1 Spark Plasma Sintering System
Model VHPsp-9/20-2400(S1)
Equipment Loading Method Horizontal side loading
Max.Power 60KW
Output Voltage 0 ~ 10V
Output Current 0 ~ 6000A
Pulse Control ON/1~255ms OFF/1~255ms
Max. Sintering Temp 2400℃(The temperature will change according to the resistance of the sintered material)
Product Diameter ≤φ30mm
Mold Diameter ≤φ90mm
Open Height 200mm
Z-axis stroke 100mm
Displacement Accuracy ±0.005mm
Max. Pressure 49KN(5Ton)
Pressure Control Servo Hydraulic
Pressure Accuracy ±0.1%
Pressure method Single-way pressure, bottom pressure
Max.Vacuum 1Pa/8.0×10-3Pa(8.0×10-2/8.0×10-5 torr)Optional
Pressure Rise Rate ≤ 2Pa/h
Temperature Control and  Measurement PLC program temperature control
≤1000℃  with K-type thermal couple
>1000℃ with infrared thermometer
Gases High-purity argon or high-purity nitrogen, inflation pressure ≤0.02MPa (adjustable)
Cooling Water Requirements Water pressure 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa, 5m3/h

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