Galvanized Fencing

Galvanized mesh fences are mostly made of galv. after weaving or welding meshes offering superior corrosion resistance property. An additional powder coating of plastic or vinyl is applied to galvanized fencing upon requst for additional durability and stronger corrosion protection. Supplied forms are Fence Mesh Rolls and Fence Mesh Panels.

We manufacture and supply gi wire mesh fences of two types, according to the fabric processing types:
Woven mesh fence
Welded mesh fence
Welded mesh fence is a rigid fence, while woven mesh fence is flexible mesh fence.

Woven mesh fence is further classified into:
Chain link mesh fence ( For various border fence, perimeter fence, security fence, mobile fence, etc.), also called Rhomb mesh fence, or Diamond mesh fence.
Twisted woven mesh fence ( For poultry fencing and breeding), also called Hexagonal mesh fence or Poultry fence
Knot woven wire fence ( For livestock field, pasture and agriculture farming), also called Field fence, Horse fence, Cattle fence, Deer fence, Sheep and Goat Fence, Orchard Fence, etc.

Applications: Galvanized metal wire mesh fence are mainly used for Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural and Residential Perimeter Protection
Woven mesh fences with flexible structures are mainly used in poultry fencing, horse fencing, cattle fencing.
Chain link wire fence are mainly used in various perimeter and security fencing with barbed wire tops.
Welded wire fences are universal fencing products. Common welded mesh rolls are used for border safety and protection. 358 welded mesh is popularly used as anti cut perimeter security fencing, mostly worked with concertina barbed wire coils.

Galvanized Mesh Fencing, with Hexagon hole, Diamond Hole, Square Hole, Rectangular Hole

Diamond Mesh Fencing of Galvanized and Anti Rust Coated Chain Link Fence Wire Mesh
Galvanized and green coated mesh fence, 2m height and 40m long each roll.
Specification as follows to SOMALIA:
Galvanized diamond mesh fence, green pvc coated, gauge 9, wire mesh: 3mmx60mmx60mm
Chain link type diamond mesh fabric, gauge 9 (.148"), wire mesh: 3mmx60mmx60mm, in rolls 2m height x 40m
Fence accessories: Galvanized post: 60mmx2600m(600mm buried into ground) , tension Wire: 3mm, binding wire
Color: All green

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