Double Wire Fence

Double Wire Fence
Certificate: BV,ISO-9000
Origin: CHINA
Surface Treatment
The fence has standard galvanized anti-corrosion, in galvanization process a layer of zinc is formed on the surface of steel. This coating protect steels against atmospheric corrosion.

2.Galvanized and powder coating&PVC coated
Galvanized panel fencing systems may be optionally powder coated in a color of your choice. Powder coating enhances the anti-corrosion by preventing the oxidation of zinc, owing to which our fencing systems preserve their aesthetic qualities from even longer. We are Double Wire Fence Supplier.

Double Wire Fence
Height x Width
Panel(mm) Mesh Size
(mm) Wire Diameter Post type
(mm) Post Height
Wire Diameter
(mm) Wire Diameter
630X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 Peach Post:70*100Square Tube:40*60*1.5-2.0(THK)60*60*1.5-2.0(THK) 1100
830X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 1300
1030X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 1500
1230X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 1700
1430X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 1900
1630X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 2100
1830X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 2400
2030X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 2600
2230X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 2800
2430X2500 50X200 8X2 + 6 6X2 + 5 3000
1. For the finish coating ,we can do electric galvanized and PVC coated, hot dipped galvanized and PVC coated, PVC coated without galvanized. The customer can also choose PVC painted finish treating.
2.Other heights and length on request .

Popular Color
The panels are made of galvanised steel wires, unpainted or painted in a colour with the powder method. The fence posts are
galvanised, then painted in a colour also with the powder method. Standard painting colour - green RAL 6005. Other colours
available at the customer's request.

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