Cylinder Halbach Array Custom Neodymium Magnets Components

Cylinder Halbach Array Custom Neodymium Magnets Components Halbach Array Ring Neodymium Magnetic

The Halbach Array is entirely composed of rare earth permanent magnet materials. By arranging the permanent magnets with different magnetization directions according to a certain rule, the magnetic field lines can be concentrated on one side of the magnet, and the magnetic field lines can be weakened on the other side, thereby obtaining an ideal unilateral magnetic field. This is of great significance in engineering. With excellent magnetic field distribution characteristics, Halbach Arrays are widely used in industrial fields such as nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic levitation, and permanent magnet motors.

N48M NdFeB Magnet & Stainless Steel
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The surface treatment for magnets is NiCuNi, and Zn for steel.
Linear Halbach Arrays: To be used for brushless AC motor, voice coils, high-tech applications such as particle accelerators and free-electron lasers.
Halbach Cylinder: Applied for magnetic couplings, brushless AC motors and high field cylinders. Both brushless motors and coupling devices use multipole field arrangements.

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