Cat J400 Rock Chisel Tip 7T3402RC

Cat J400 Rock Chisel Tip 7T3402RC
Description: Bucket tooth
Part Number: 7T3402RC
Model: Cat 325
Family: J400
Shape: Rock chisel
Weight: 10.2kg
Hardness: 48-52HRC
Impact Value: >20J
Caterpillar Bucket Teeth Matching Parts information
Adapter: 6I6404 / 125-8404 / 125-8405 / 125-8406
Pin: 7T3408 / 1167408
Retainer: 8E8409
Attributes: Use in most general applications where breakage is not a problem.
Good strength, penetration and wear material
Application: General excavation and loading
Low to moderate impact and abrasion

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