Boric Acid Flakes

Boric Acid Flakes
Product Description
Name: Boric Acid Flakes
CAS No: 11113-50-1 / 10043-35-3
Molecular Formula: H3BO3
Molecular Weight: 61.833
Appearance: white Powder or chunk or Flakes
Orthoboric acid, for white powder crystallization or three inclined shaft side flake crystallization, have satiny gloss, no odor. Handle Soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin, ethers and oils, aqueous show weakly acidic.
Boric Acid Application
Widely used for the glass (optical glass, acid glass, heat-resistant glass, insulating material with fiberglass) industry, can improve glass products of heat, transparent performance and improve mechanical strength, shorten dissolve melting time.

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