Black Annealed Wire LANDYOUNG

Black Annealed Wire LANDYOUNG
Products Black Annealed Wire
Material SAE1006; SAE1008; Q195;
Specification ranges from 5# to 38#; customer's orders are also acceptable;
Package 100kgs-500kgs coils in bundles; customer's orders are also acceptable;


Black Annealed Wire is also called black iron wire. It includes Annealed wire and black oiled wire.Annealed wire is though wire-drawing and anneals to finish.Black oiled wire is formed via the processes: wire-drawing, anneal, and fuel oil injection.


Excellent flexibility and softness

Strong oxidation resistance

chromaticity match


Made of high quality material

Clean and tidy environment

Excellent annealing technology


Mainly used as tie wire or binding wire in construction, wire mesh production and civilian industry product production.

We can do it into straight cutting wire U type wire and also do according to customer’s special requirements.

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