Banana Protection Paper Bag

The banana protection paper bag protects the fruit from damage during the banana growth process and improves the quality of banana.
Product Information
Material: 100% Pure wood pulp
Usage: Agriculture
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Breathable, Waterproof, Anti-Pull
Pattern: Customizable
Style: Customizable
Technics: Spun-Bonded
Normal size 77*100 77*120 77*130 77*135 77*140

The role of banana protection paper bag
1. Reduce planting costs, and you can get fruits without adding pesticides.
2. Reduce the loss caused by rain, strong wind, and fruit drop.
3. Protect fruits from birds, animals, fruit flies, insects, sunburn, etc.
4. Reduce fruit and plant diseases and insect pests.
5. Adjust the fruit ripening period and increase yield.
6. Reduce the loss of sugar in bananas and improve fruit quality.
7. Increase fruit production and increase farmers' income.
8. Environmental protection, to prevent environmental pollution, pesticide pollution and pesticide pollution.

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