Steel Crash Barrier

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We supply two types of steel crash barrier: one is a kind of permanent guardrail panel fixed along the road / ways offering protection/ isolation to the cars and travellers; the other is a kind of temporary fencing barriers for controling of traffic or crowd for certain time.

Type One: Fixed / Permanent Steel Crash Highway Barrier:

This crash barrier is a kind of cold-formed steel plate structure mainly used in a way of installing along highways. It has good impact resistance, low cost, high safety, environment protection. Generally sizeis 310mm on widht, 3mm, 4mm thickness.

Normal Size: 3200/ 3810/ 4000/ 4300/ 4320 × 306/ 310/ 312/ 380 × 80/ 82/ 83/ 85 × 2.75/ 3/ 4mm. Available in different sizes.

Profile: W-beam, Three-beam.

Fitting parts for permanent crash barriers include: post, spacer (C, U and Sigma types etc) and fasteners.

Type Two: Temporary Crash Barrier Railings: Welded Steel Pipe Railings
Welded Temporary Fence

General Size:
Overall size:2100*1100mm Inside pipe :19mm*1.2mm
Outside pipe :25mm*2mm

Other Size:
Overall size : 2438*892mm
Inside pipe:16mm*1.0mm
Outside pipe :38mm*1.6mmm

Surface Treatment
HDG or others

Crowd Control Barrier feet can be various.

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