Trove Decoration Paper Co., Ltd.


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Trove Decoration Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional company, which produce and sell high-end decorative paper, melamine impregnated paper and other products, the company's products are widely used in flooring, furniture, fireproof board, molded doors and other fields.
The company has a number of high-speed printing production lines, as well as the use of advanced technology impregnation line, can meet the needs of customers with different sizes of customized. The company has an annual output of more than 1200 tons of printing decorative paper and more than 3 million pieces of dipping spray paper. Every year, the company vigorously develops new products and cultivates technical talents. At present, the company has more than 300 sets of roller designs and colors, nearly 10000 kinds of colors.
The company's main products are floor pattern paper, furniture pattern paper, dip glue paper, balance paper and wear-resistant paper.

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