Tian Yi Hong Tu (Tianjin) Technology Co. , Ltd.


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Tian Yi Hong Tu (Tianjin) Technology Co. , Ltd. is located in the national important industrial base, north China Economic and Cultural Center city of China, Tianjin, the company is committed to vacuum pump, vacuum complete sets of equipment, research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and services, with experienced vacuum technicians and continuous absorption of vacuum technology, keep close cooperation with the vacuum specialty of the Mechanical College of Northeastern University, continuously develop and perfect product design and application, to meet the vacuum application of various industries to provide a good solution.
The company's products mainly have two major categories, one is the vacuum acquisition equipment namely the vacuum pump, has 2BV, 2BE, series liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor, X series single-stage Rotary Vane vacuum pump; the other is the international well-known brand agent, has KSB centrifugal pump Chemical Pump, Yarway Valve, full line, Fisher self-supporting regulator. Among them, the vacuum application product is takes the vacuum acquisition equipment as the vacuum host (the vacuum source) , optional gas-liquid separator, vacuum buffer tank, heat exchanger, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, liquid level transmitter, solenoid valve, inlet pneumatic valve, cavitation protection device, working night flow meter, inlet air filter, etc. The control points can be monitored in real time. And can configure PLC, man-machine interface touch screen, such as pumps, valves according to the user process to open automatically, record the parameters and real-time running state, to achieve real process automation.

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