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JIANZHI Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1982. Keep pace with the times, update equipment and skills, carefully build our brand, focus on the development of high-end products, and actively respond to market needs through creativity. As a permanent member of the China Foundry Association, JIANZHI participated in the formulation of almost all industry standard documents.

In the *, the report provides market analysis from 2015 to 2026, including market size, country (or region) analysis, sales, and profit analysis, market competition pattern, and market share analysis, based on detailed information and data of 11 major malleable iron pipe manufacturers and participants in the world. Among the 11 companies are Viking Group Inc/ Mueller Industries Inc/ Smith-Cooper International in the United States, BIS Pipe Fitting Industry of Thailand, and Hebei JIANZHI Casting Group of China.

As a major manufacturer and participant of malleable iron pipe fittings in the world, you can learn about its position. As a leader in the industry, it leads Chinese malleable iron fittings to the world.

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