Hebei Wint Technology Co., Ltd.


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Hebei Wint Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional flooring expert, established in Sept. 2014. At the beginning, the business of the company was concentrating on the production and sales of SPC flooring. The company has grown and is now encompassing many sorts of flooring such as SPC, LVT, Hardwood, Anti-static electric type, Sports type and their auxiliary material. Our products are now being sold to 60 countries so far, with customers spread over America, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, and many other parts of the world.
The company aspires to the idea of the Product Stands First and Service Stands on Top. Our products are CE and Floorscore certified, helping wholesalers and distributors to better promote and sell our products with confidence, while conforming to the local laws and regulations.
With the company's continuous research and development, we'll dedicate to accomplish the one-stop services of flooring.

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